Activities of the Association


Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Ukraine “Mebliderevprom” was founded in December 1998. Today, the Association unites leading companies for the production of cookers, furniture and other woodworking products. Enterprises of the Association use more than 5 million cubic meters. Business wood per year, the total output is more than $ 500 million. At the enterprises included in the Association products are produced both for domestic consumption and for export. The equipment and assortment of products are constantly updated. The products of the Association companies are not inferior in quality to foreign manufacturers.

   The main purpose of the Association’s activity is to develop domestic production, increase the competitiveness of wood products, expand its sales on the domestic and foreign markets. The main objective of the Association is to achieve the statutory goals of its activities within the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine, namely: the formation and implementation of a strategy for the development of the furniture and woodworking industry; to promote and provide practical assistance to the members of the Association in developing and strengthening their production and economic base; resolving issues of stable raw material provision; implementation of practical measures to protect members of the Association from anti-dumping sanctions; Participation in anti-dumping investigations in order to prevent imports of industrial products at dumping prices; assistance in finding potential investors for the Association members; defending the producer’s investment interests in state authorities; organization of exhibitions, conferences and seminars. Аctively cooperates with the Verkhovna Rada and the Government of Ukraine and other state bodies of government, mass media. Association “Mebliderevprom” is a member of such institutions:

  2. Тhe National Association of Commodity Producers at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
  3. Public Council under the State Agency of Forestry of Ukraine.
  4. European Federation of Furniture Manufacturers (UEA).
  5. World Furniture Confederation.
  6. Expert Council at the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Industrial and Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship.
  7. Public Council on issues of woodworking, furniture and pulp and paper industry under the State Committee of Ukraine for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship.
  8. Public Council under the SCSU.

The main result of the joint activity of the Association and the industry is the awareness of the importance of increasing the competitiveness of domestic products and the need to create a positive international image of their products. The association consists of leading companies such as: LLC “Interpilt Nadvirna LLC” LLC “Kronospan UA”, LLC “Odek” Ukraine, PJSC “Dnipropetrovs’k MK”, TDV “Perechynsky LKH”, PP “Ukrshon” LLC, LLC “Fischer- Mukachevo “, PJSC” Fanplit “and others.